Schönbuch: console SPHERE
Schönbuch: sideboard and mirror EPOCA


Feel welcome. That’s what Schönbuch is all about. Our creative, functional furnishings, fittings and concepts maximise the potential of individually designed spaces and generate entirely new experiences. Our main focus is on entrance areas, but our growing collection is now taking our brand into other interior areas as well. It currently comprises four complementary interior worlds: Entrée, Living, Contract and Accessories. Creative solutions by Schönbuch are inspired by function and make the perfect complement for contemporary, design-focused interiors. Working from the practical considerations that have always been our starting point, we develop furnishings and interior accessories that work not only at home but also in offices and commercial premises. They also meet our customers’ wide-ranging needs: well though-out and suited to requirements, they provide perfect storage and great places to keep small things, making it easy to keep things tidy. What’s more, they quite simply look good. Our products meet the highest standards in terms of design, materials and craftsmanship. Manufactured almost entirely in Bavaria, southern Germany, they combine traditional craftsmanship and expertise with state-of-the-art production technologies for sheer quality and durability. Our hand-picked team of famous and reputable designers as well as talented newcomers perfectly complement not only each other but also our brand. Their innovative approaches to precious woods, nuanced colours, clarity of form and high-quality craftsmanship make our collection truly unique. From our range as a whole to the individual products that make it up and to our global brand identity, Schönbuch is unmistakable and purist. Our furnishings and accessories combine practicality with clarity of design for organised, orderly interiors, freeing up surprising amounts of space – for pure living.