Weishäupl: umbrella CANTILEVER



Happiness can’t be planned: It has a way of creeping up on you unawares. And suddenly it’s there, just for a while, for some short hours, sometimes only for a few fleeting moments. And yet these are moments we treasure in our hearts, the moments that make life worthwhile.

We at Weishäupl have a simple philosophy: We want you to be able to savor these happy and satisfying moments to the full. And so we have committed ourselves to a tradition of craftsmanship which has always known only one aim: To provide the highest possible quality. Of course we take advantage of the latest developments technology has to offer – wherever it is appropriate to do so. But what makes our furniture so special is fond attention to detail, devotion and dedication, the artist’s love of his craft. Hearts and hands can do what machines cannot: They breathe life into the objects they create, a life which you can feel in every product which leaves our workshops.

Quality for the best moments in life.