Our project Can Monges in Ses Salines, Mallorca

In Cooperation with Ideo Arquitectura Boutique  and Salva López.

A ” natural house”

This project was conceived under the premise: “think global, act local”. Or what is the same, “0” pollution and local resources.

How as this achieved? Carried away in the architectural design by what the material in its essence can contribute. In this way, the rubble generated by the work itself, the reuse and recycling of finishes such as flooring, tiling and existing doors and the use of new materials from companies on the island —together with local construction techniques such as lime plaster— make Can Monges a place of experimentation and rehearsal.

Minimalistic design with Mediterranean touch and modern brands with warm feeling. Furniture by Cassina, Fredericia, Lema and Eloa Lights.